# NP Basics

# Directory structure

NP is a traditional multi-entry application, where each file in the public directory is an entry. The original version does not use namespaces and is basically function-oriented programming.

The big function module can be divided into two pieces: Web side and Tracker side (the following files are located in the include directory).

  • Web side: main entry bittorrent.php, function file functions.php
  • Tracker side: main entry bittorrent_announce.php, functions file functions_announce.php
  • Common parts of both: common functions files globalfunctions.php, core.php

To add a new function, just: create a new entry file -> introduce the main entry -> start the specific business logic.

# Common functions

function name description
dbconn($autoclean = false, $doLogin = true) Web side, connect to database. In v1.6 there is no need to call it manually, it will connect automatically
dbconn_announce() Tracker side, connects to database
userlogin() set login state
loggedinorreturn() determine if the user is logged in
parked() determine if the account has been blocked
parse_imdb_id($id) standardize imdb_id, add leading 0 if less than 7 bits
sql_query($query) execute DDL + DML statements, one of the most common methods
get_row_count($table, $suffix = '') count query, suffix is the where condition (must contain where)
do_log($log, $level = 'info') record logs to text
get_setting($name, $default = null) read site setting data
nexus_env($name, $default = null) read the configuration values of the .env file
nexus_config($name, $default = null) read the values of configuration files in the config directory (except allconfig.php)
getSchemaAndHttpHost() Get the URL address of the protocol, host, and port only
getBaseUrl() Get the URL address of the protocol, host, port, and path only
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