# Applicable Versions

This document applies to the modified version of NexusPHP (hereafter referred to as NP), version number: 1.6.*.

# Definition of the term

The meanings of some of the proper nouns included in this document.

  • ROOT_PATH, the root directory where the application is deployed, in this case /usr/share/nginx/html/demo.nexusphp.org.
  • WEB_ROOT, the root directory that the web server accesses, in this case ROOT_PATH . 'public', Note to configure to the public directory ! Note to configure to the public directory! Note to configure to the public directory!
  • PHP_USER, the user running PHP, usually www-data or www, please be practical.
  • DOMAIN, the domain name of the website, e.g. demo.nexusphp.org.

# Environment requirements

  • PHP: 7.3 or above, must have extensions: ctype, fileinfo, json, mbstring, openssl, pdo_mysql, tokenizer, xml, mysqli, gd.
  • Mysql: 5.7 or above is recommended.
  • Redis: Any version. This is an optional caching component, to enable it, PHP needs to install the redis extension. It is highly recommended to enable it.
Last Updated: 5/20/2021, 11:59:14 AM